3.5 Piston Ring Set - Post 1976

Product information

For sale here is a complete set of piston rings, suitable for 3.5 engines produced after 1976 - the later style block. We have standard bore and 20 thou oversize available, please ensure that you select the correct rings for your engine from the drop down menu above. If your engine block is an early pre 1976 block or is a capacity other than 3.5l, please see our other listings as the piston rings listed here will not be suitable.

RPi Advice

  • The 1st ring on Post-1976 pistons are thinner than those on the pre 1976 engines by around 0.5mm, and so they are not interchangeable. Early style rings are also available from our web shop.
  • The second ring is always directional, and sometimes the first ring is too. Our advice is to keep the packaging the rings come in as well as the instructions - the relevant information is always included. As a general rule, if a piston ring is directional it will have a dot or the word "TOP" stamped on it, which needs to point upwards.
  • Always measure piston ring gaps and make adjustments if necessary. Ring gaps are below:
    1st ring: 17 to 22 thou
    2nd ring 17 to 22 thou
    Oil ring 14 to 50 thou

Weight 0.35kg