3.5 Short RPi Rebuilt Rover V8 engine (built to order)

Product information

Please note this short engine at present has a build time of 2-3 months from the date of your order

Built by Holly, our engine builder with 30+ years Rover V8 building experience, a short engine is our minimum level of engine build and includes a block, crank, pistons and conrods. A good option for someone wanting a DIY project whilst knowing that the core of the engine is right.

We start the process with a post-1976 engine block, which is chemically cleaned to ensure it’s free of contamination inside and out. We also check the threads to ensure that they’re in good condition, and repair any that aren’t. We use the post 1976 3.5 blocks as they are stronger than the pre-1976 ones, thanks to additional webbing in the valley of the V and also all have the later neoprene rear crank seal. However if you would like a pre-76 engine block for a specific reason or to re use your original block to retain your engine number then please contact us.

The crankshaft will be reground/polished, and the appropriate bearings fitted (the size of which will be detailed in the build spec sheet we send with every engine build). The mains and big ends will both be fitted with ARP stud kits to ensure maximum strength and new bearings fitted throughout including new cam bearings. Brand new 9.35:1 compression, +20 thou pistons and rings are also used.

This block will accept any Rover V8 heads (10 o 14 bolt), covers and ancillaries however originally would have been fitted with a v belt front end. For most customers, we recommend one of our long engines as a better option – long engines come with cylinder heads, camshaft and timing gear already fitted and can be fully dressed with your original covers and ancillaries in house as well.

Please note an exchange surcharge applies to all RPi engines. Please select using the menu above to tell us if you are sending your engine in exchange. If you are sending an exchange engine, we must receive this before your engine will be sent if you wish to not pay the exchange surcharge in the interim.


  • Post 1976 stiff block with neoprene rear crank seal rebored to +20 thou
  • Chemically cleaned and all threads checked and helicoiled were necessary
  • Reground/polished crankshaft
  • New bearings throughout including camshaft bearings
  • ARP mains and big end stud kit
  • New +20 thuo 9.35:1 Pistons and Rings
  • New core plugs installed
  • All assembled by our world renowned engine builder Holly, who has over 30 years experience of assembling Rover V8 engines.

Other required items:

Other items required to build this engine up ready for your fuel and ignition system – This might be obvious to many but some of these items are often overlooked and yet are so important to do the job right
  • Camshaft kit, includes lifters (tappets), timing chain set and gaskets
  • Your cam spacer and large washer from the end of the cam (note our cam kits come with a new cam bolt)
  • Distributor drive gear on the end of the camshaft – Re using your perfect original genuine one or contacting us for a replacement
  • Pair of Head gaskets – We advise composite unless there is need to raise the CR
  • New Head bolts – Carefully following our head bolt torque information
  • New push rods
  • New rocker shafts
  • A shim kit for setting tappet / lifter pre load
  • Your original timing cover - paying close attention to their internal cleanliness
  • New oil pump gears
  • The checking / refurbishment of your oil pump base
  • New water pump
  • New oil filter and oil – Valvoline VR1 20/50 mineral oil is and always has been our oil of choice.
  • Your original sump / baffle and strainer (oil pickup) - paying close attention to their internal cleanliness
  • Your original rocker covers and baffles – paying close attention to there internal cleanliness