4.6 stage 3 with Carbon fibre single throttle body Intake (built to order)

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Product information

Here we have a high-spec, fully RPi rebuilt, 4.6 Stage 3 turn-key Rover V8 engine featuring a carbon intake. The engine will be supplied in turn-key form with a GEMS engine management system. Ready to put into your vehicle, plug the wiring loom in and plumb up as necessary, then simply turn the key and drive away

Technical Specifications

  • Built with a hot pressure tested, top hat lined 4.6 block
  • Built by Holly, our only engine builder, who has built thousands of Rover V8 engines over 25+ years
  • Piper 270 or 285 camshaft depending on your requirements
  • Single throttle body carbon fiber intake plenum
  • RPi Stage 3 cylinder heads featuring larger valves, porting to inlet and exhaust ports, bulleted valve guides, neoprene valve stem seals and of course facing + chemical cleaning
  • Front timing cover fitted with new oil pump gears
  • Supplied with brand new water pump, all other anciliaries are tested used units which have been thoroughly cleaned, then painted where appropriate
  • Brand new tappets, new push rods, new rocker shafts and excellent condition used original rockers, with tappet preload set by us.

RPi Advice

  • This engine is supplied in stand-alone GEMS form, as found in P38 Range Rovers 1994-1999, some Morgan +8 models, defender 90 NAS spec and 50th anniversary and more
  • As all our engines are built to order by Holly, our engine builder of 25+ years experience, please note that there is around a 2 week build time on this engine
  • RPi engines are known globally for excellent torque, reliability and longevity
  • If the engine here doesn't meet your requirements, we are able to change the specification on each individual engine build, please call us on 01603 891209 or email info@v8engines.com to discuss.
  • The price shown here is without an exchange unit, please contact us for more details
  • Exhaust manifolds are not included as every vechicle is different.
  • If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact RPi on the details shown above
Please contact us for prices as every application is different and each engine is built to order

Brand RPi Engineering
Condition Refurbished
Weight 250kg