Air Cleaner Suitable for Edelbrock 500 Carburettors - 3" or 2" tall

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Product information

A 14" diameter air cleaner, suitable for use with the Edelbrock 500 carburettors among others. We are able to supply these air cleaners as either 3" or 2" tall versions, depending on your requirements. Both air cleaner options feature a stamped section on the base which can be removed in order to fit a breather port, which is also available from RPi and is our recommended location for the crankcase breather on the Rover V8 engine. Included in the box will be a filter base, top and paper element. Please note that these air cleaners may require modification to the base if you intend to use them with a Holley carburettor.

RPi Advice

  • The 2" low-rise air cleaner is generally only required for vehicles which have very little bonnet clearance - think MG B, Morgan +8, Triumph TR8, kit cars, etc.
  • For the breather system, we generally join the breathers from both rocker covers to a T piece, then pipe the outlet of the t piece to the base of the air cleaner. This ensures that the breather system gets a constant vacuum, but without overly strong vacuum which could suck excess oil into the intake. If you only have a breather port on one rocker cover, pipe this directly to the air cleaner.

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