A&R Amp Advance Retard Igntion Power Pre Amplifer Rover V8 3.5 3.9 4.0 4.6 RPi

Product information

Included in this listing is RPi Engineering's unique A&R ignition amplifier for the Rover V8 engine. This hand built amplifier is an essential upgrade for any Rover V8 engine running a distributor thanks to the vastly increased spark output it provides, meaning that the fuel entering the cylinder is burned completely. This in turn can mean increased fuel economy and performance from your V8.
This amplifier is compatible with any standard distributor for the Rover V8 except Lucas Opus. However, if you have a Lucas Opus system we recommend changing it to a later ignition system as it will be losing you at least 3mpg and performance. This amplifier is also perfect for vehicles running on LPG, as it allows for two separate ignition timings. This means you can set your ignition timing for LPG, which has a higher octane rating than petrol, and then the amplifier will automatically retard the timing for petrol when required.

Instructions for fitting the RPi amplifier can be found here

Technical Specifications

  • Greatly increased spark output compared to the standard Rover amplifier thanks to a much longer charge time on the coil.
  • Allows for two ignition timings - perfect for vehicles on dual fuel.
  • Petrol only version also available
  • Magnecor plug leads are recommended.

Further information

What is the Advance by Retard system?
LPG is much more economical and just as powerful as petrol, but the issue is with the ignition timing and spark intensity due to the slower flame front of LPG.

When the selected fuel is gas, it is usually beneficial to employ more ignition advance than would be used with petrol to achieve best efficiency.

The unit addresses this requirement by allowing the timing to be set up optimally for gas and then automatically retarding the ignition when petrol is selected. The automatic retard is activated only when engine revs are greater than 1500, since the unit's accurate operation relies heavily on engine flywheel effect. A diagnostic indicator LED lights up when the automatic retard is active. As revs fall below 1500, the retard does not cut out until below approximately 1200 rpm. This overlap ensures that the unit cannot "hunt" near the switching threshold.

Thus it is possible to have optimum setup for gas while avoiding problems associated with over-advanced timing when switching back to petrol.

The unit contains its own integrated power output stage employing a low-saturation IGBT power transistor for low loss, minimal self-heating, and maximum reliability. The internal circuits are protected against accidental battery reversal. The input circuits allow configuration to suit most types of points and sensor types of distributors.

Finally, internal links allow the automatic retard sensitivity to be set to suit 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engines (wiring diagram supplied for the Rover V8 engine)

RPi Advice

  • Always solder your terminals
  • Magnecor plug leads are recommended to handle the extra spark output of our amplifier
  • Always use non-resisted spark plugs
  • The Bosch 12v coil is the only one we recommend, stock, sell or fit
  • Do not use a ballast resistor

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