ARP Head Stud Kit 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, 4.2, 4.6

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Product information

Included in this listing is a set of ARP head studs to suit all variations of the Rover V8 engine. Using an ARP stud kit in place of the head bolts greatly reduces the chances of the threads being pulled out of the block when torquing the heads down onto the block. The studs are also reusable, so you'll only need one set for multiple engine lifetimes.

Technical Information.

  • We will supply 20 head studs for your engine. If you have 14 bolt heads (for a total of 28 bolt holes), simply blank off the 4 outer most holes on each head using some of your old head bolts, which should be torqued to 25NM with Loctite applied so they don't vibrate loose.
  • PLEASE NOTE that loctite is applied to the outer four bolts on 14 bolt heads ONLY. Do not apply loctite to any other head bolts. 
  • The ARP head stud kit can be reused with no issues, and even transferred between engines if need be.
  • When fitting, the stud itself gets "nipped up" into the threads in the block. The nut is then torqued to 70lb/ft, in three stages working from the centre bolts outwards
  • First, torque all nuts to 30 lb/ft, then 50lb/ft, then 70lb/ft.
  • The order of tightening can be found on our sister website, Please note that the torque settings on that page are NOT correct for ARP studs.

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