Bosch Ignition Coil Electronic Land Rover V8 Engine Morgan TVR MGB GT PRC6574G

£43.75 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Included in this listing is a Bosch 12V coil, the only coil that we at RPi will stock, fit or supply to our customers and recommend its use for reliability, simplicity and compatibility with the rest of our complete ignition upgrade package. We have used this coil hundreds if not thousands of times on our own engines and sent it out to many more, and the results have spoken for themselves.

This coil is compatible with many makes and model of vehicle that require a 12V coil, however is being sold here specifically for a Rover V8 engine

RPi Advice

  • Do not use a ballast resistor with this coil
  • Compatible with and recommended for use with our other ignition upgrades such as the A&R Amplifier and Magnecor Leads
  • This is the only coil RPi Engineering recommend, use or sell.
  • We have a range of ignition upgrades from Magnecor leads to full ignition kits, please contact us for more info
  • Weber carburettor kits, ECU chipping and many more upgrades available, please enquire.

Brand Bosch
Condition New
Weight 1.5kg