Camshaft Change Engine Reseal Kit - GEMS & Thor

Product information

Included in this listing is the rest of the gaskets required to re-seal a Rover V8 engine, assuming that you already have one of our camshaft kits. The kit here is suitable for Rover V8's fitted with GEMS or Thor injection/ignition systems. Contained in this kit is a pair of composite head gaskets, a set of exhaust gaskets and a rear crank seal with crucifix seals. Combined with the large selection of gaskets we supply in our carb kits, this makes for all the gaskets in your engine - perfect for doing a budget refresh while you're in the depths of changing the camshaft.

Included in this listing:

  • Rear crank seal
  • Pair composite head gaskets
  • Set exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Cross/crucifix seals
  • As previously stated, this kit combined with the gaskets supplied in the cam kits gives you all the gaskets required to reseal the Rover V8 engine (assuming your engine is Gems or Thor - please see the gasket section of the website for other engine variants. )

RPi Advice

  • The kit here is suitable for GEMS and Thor engines. If your engine has a v belt or serpentine front please see the gasket section of this website for the correct kit.
  • Original head bolts should not be re-used. We advise fitting an ARP stud kit for the best results, however new standard bolts are a better option than reusing old bolts. Both options are available in the bolts & studs section of our shop.
  • Fitting advice and details of which sealants to use and where are available from us if required.
  • Full engine gasket sets are also available from our web shop and individual gaskets are available on request.

Weight 1.6kg