Choke cable - Edelbrock 500 & more

Product information

A choke cable suitable for the Edelbrock 500 carburettor and many others. This is the same cable we would use on our Edelbrock 500 upgrade in all Rover V8 powered vehicles. Installation is simple - route the cable through a suitable location in the dash, then the bulkhead (don't forget to thread the nut onto the cable before going through the bulkhead!). If using an Edelbrock 500 carburettor, the inner cable should be bent 90 degrees to go through the hole in the choke mechanism, then bent through another 90 degrees to point towards the front of the vehicle once its through8. The outer cable can then be held in place by the bracket which is pre-installed on the carburettor. As there's no force acting on the choke mechanism, this is sufficient to keep the cable in place and for it to operate correctly. There is no 'lock' on this choke cable for the same reason.

RPi Advice

  • Suitable for Edelbrock 500 four barrel carburettors among many others
  • Long enough to reach the correct position in the vast majority of front engined cars, including conversions
  • This cable does not have a locking mechanism, which is not required on the Edelbrock carburettors we use. However this does make it unsuitable for the twin carbs originally fitted to early Rover V8's. If you require a cable with a locking function, please email
  • If your car is currently fitted with a choke cable, this cable can follow the same routing through your dashboard and bulkhead
  • We have produced a full video series featuring everything you need to know about fitting the Edelbrock 500 carburettor to any Rover V8 engine. You find find this on our YouTube channel here

Weight 0.75kg