Cloyes Duplex timing chain set - V Belt

Product information

A Cloyes Duplex timing chain set, suitable for Rover V8 engines using a V-belt (sometimes called pre-serpentine) front timing cover and compatible with all the long nose camshafts we supply. This timing chain features high quality, induction hardened all-metal sprockets and a duplex roller chain with .250 rollers for an enhanced lifespan. The sprocket on the crankshaft does have a few keyways for fixed adjustments in cam timing if required, but at RPi we set them to standard, and opt for a full vernier timing chain set if adjustment to cam timing is required. Please note this timing chain set is not compatible with Serp, GEMS or Thor timing covers.

RPi Advice

  • You can identify your front cover simply by looking at the front of your engine. The V belt / pre-serpentine cover features a distributor for the ignition system (or a hole to accept a distributor) and the ancillaries are driven by multiple belts, each of which has a v-shaped profile and will be around 10mm in width. This timing chain kit is compatible with v-belt timing covers only
  • Whilst this timing chain set does offer multiple cam timing keyways, we build our own engines at standard timing (labelled as 0 degrees on the sprocket). Where adjustment is required, we will fit a full vernier timing chain set, and precisely dial in the cam timing.
  • When fitted to the engine, the bottom sprocket should have the rounded keyway (0 degrees) pointing directly upwards in the 12 o'clock position, and the 0 stamped on the top sprocket should point directly down to line up with it. Photos of this can be seen in the images above. Always turn the engine by hand to check the timing is correct and please contact us / send us photos of your setup if you are unsure.
  • Always inspect your camshaft condition - replacing a worn timing chain won't do much to help your engine if the camshaft itself is worn
  • Need gaskets to do the job? These are also available from our website, please see the gaskets and seals section

Brand Cloyes
Condition New
Weight 2kg