Complete 3.5 Flapper EFi Upgrade Kit - Camshaft, ignition and fuelling

£912.50 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Here we have a complete upgrade kit for Rover V8 engines which use the Flapper fuel injection system. Although not our injection system of choice, we understand many people wish to retain it on their vehicle for originality purposes and so we offer this kit to give the most cost-effective efficiency, torque and power upgrade kit to get it as good as it can be, assuming the injection system is functioning correctly already. The kit comprises of a camshaft kit, complete ignition system, rising rate adjustable fuel pressure regulator and air intake kit.

The combined kits here are composed of the same components you would receive if you bought each kit independently, so you can be sure of not only the best quality parts but also that you'll receive all the parts you require to finish the job without having to make a last minute dash to the shops for missing clips, clamps or bolts.

Included in this kit:

  • Piper Torquemax, 270, 285 camshaft
  • Complete set OEM tappets
  • Kent duplex timing chain set
  • Composite valley gasket and rubber end seals.
  • Pair rocker cover gaskets
  • Gaskets for timing cover, oil pump and other small gaskets required.

  • Magnecor leads
  • RPi A&R ignition amplifier
  • Bosch 12v ignition coil
  • Set of 8 NGK BP6ES spark plugs
  • Brand new distributor

  • K+N Cone filter
  • Rising rate adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Complete fitting kits with all gasket, bolts and clamps required for installation

RPi Advice

  • Never re-use your original tappets
  • Timing chains are normally badly stretched and will always need replacing
  • Push rods are low-cost and should be replaced if at all worn
  • Shim kits for setting tapped pre-load are available and essential for all work involving camshaft, valves or rocker assemblies
  • Rockers and rocker shafts should be inspected for signs of wear or breakage
  • To test your old pressure regulator, check your fuel pressure at the rail, then suck on the vacuum hose to check the integrity of the diaphragm.
  • This is a rising rate pressure regulator which increases fuel pressure at around 1.7x the standard rate under acceleration
  • Email and telephone assistance available from RPi if required

Brand RPi
Condition New
Weight 32kg