Complete Rover V8 Ignition Upgrade Kit - Distributor, Amplifier, Magnecor and Service Parts

£416.67 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Never underestimate the ability of your 15+ year old ignition system to seriously hamper the performance and economy of your car. That's why we at RPi Engineering have designed this complete ignition system upgrade for any Rover V8 engine with a distributor. This will not in fact restore you to the performance of the original ignition system, but will in fact completely surpass it in terms of spark output and therefore performance and economy. This means it's essential to any Rover V8 engine, especially those running on LPG.

This kit also includes the service parts of your ignition, ensuring that when the job is done your ignition system will be in top condition

Included in this kit

  • Brand new electronic distributor with cap and RPi approved rotor arm
  • A&R Amplifier (for LPG or petrol)
  • Bosch 12V coil
  • Full set of Magnecor plug leads including coil lead
  • Set of 8 NGK BP6ES spark plugs


Does this kit fit my vehicle?
If your engine is post 1976 and has a distributor currently, yes!
What are the advantages?
Our ignition system produces nearly double the spark output of the standard Rover ignition system. A bigger spark means a larger portion of the fuel in the cylinder is ignited by the spark plug, which means a faster fuel burn. This in turn also ensures that all the fuel entering the cylinder is burned, allowing you to make full use of whichever fuelling system you have on your car and get the best possible tune.

RPi Advice

  • Magnecor plug leads are a "fit and forget" item in our eyes, we have vehicles here that have had them fitted for around 18 years and they're still just as good as when they were fitted
  • You don't need fancy spark plugs for LPG. We have used standard NGK plugs time and time again on LPG, and have never come across any problems.
  • Always solder your terminals to the amplifier wiring. We have seen a few few issues caused by poor connections on terminals which have only been crimped.
  • Advice and assistance is available by phone or email if you need help fitting any of the items in this kit, or our best help can be given in person with the vehicle in front of us to experience the problem hands-on

Brand RPI
Condition New
Weight 8kg