Edelbrock 500 Performer / AVS2 Carburettor Only

Product information

Included in this listing is an Edelbrock 500 carburettor by itself, with the option included in this listing of adding the correct needles and jets (which we will fit before sending the carburettor, if purchased) and/or a fuel banjo fitting for easier pipe routing. If your engine is 3.9l capacity or above, you have the choice of the AVS2 or Performer series carburettor. The fitting, tuning and performance of both carburettors is in our experience equal between the two carbs on engines of this capacity. 

Doing a carburettor conversion? We supply full carburettor kits which include all the parts required to convert from your current fuelling setup to the Edelbrock carb. These our available through our web shop. 

The Weber 500 is the only carburettor we sell or recommend for any Rover V8 engine and with good reason, as it owes itself to both cruise/part throttle efficiency and full throttle power as it's demanded. This pairs especially well with our power plenum which gives around 15% extra torque too, take a look at our other items. 

RPi Advice

  • For fitting and tuning instructions, take a look at our youtube channel
    How to fit your Edelbrock 500 Carb
    How to tune the Edelbrock 500 carb
  • Carburettors are always best tuned on the road - there's no inertia on a dyno! Better to save your money for more performance upgrades
  • We always recommend upgrading your ignition system when fitting this carburettor to ensure that all the fuel reaching the engine is burned correctly

Brand Edelbrock
Condition New
Weight 8kg