Edelbrock 500 throttle cable

Product information

A throttle cable suitable for Edelbrock 500 carburettors fitted to Rover V8 engines, as well as many other engine end carburettor combinations. The cable comes with a bracket, return spring and mounting stud for the mounting bracket. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you will require the pedal adapter - shown above - in order for this cable to be used with your vehicle. You can choose to have this added to your order using the drop down menu above.

Length: Approx 125cm (+/- 2cm to account for manual measurement)

RPi Advice

  • We have a video series detailing the entire install process for the Edelbrock 500 carburettor kit on our YouTube channel. You can find that here
  • You may require the pedal adapter shown above if you are fitting this kit to a four wheel drive vehicle.
  • If you require a longer cable (which we have found is only in mid-engine vehicles) please email info@v8engines.
  • When properly adjusted, the throttle cable will have a slight slack with no pressure applied to the throttle pedal. This helps ensure the throttle doesn't stick open.

Weight 0.75kg