EFI to Carburettor Fuel Pressure Regulator

Product information

For sale in this listing is a fuel pressure regulator, designed to reduce the pressure from an EFI fuel pump down to levels suitable for a carburettor. A much easier solution than replacing the original pump, using this regulator means no messing around with removing the original pump (which often means dropping the fuel tank out of the vehicle) or altering wiring. Simply plumb this regulator to the original fuel feed line, set the pressure using the supplied gauge, and the regulator will do the rest of the work, sending the excess fuel through the return line back to the tank. We often use this regulator with our Edelbrock 500 carburettor set up, and it performs exactly as we would expect. Plumbing is simple with only a feed from the pump, feed to the carburettor and return required. Barb fittings are included in the box, as are instructions and a mounting bracket.

RPi Advice

  • Fuel Pressure should be set at 6 - 8 PSI for the Edelbrock 500 carburettor
  • The fuel gauge is fitted only whilst setting fuel pressure, it is then removed and replaced with a barb fitting and pipe ot the carburettor. 
  • Suitable for use on all capacities of Rover V8 engine
  • Always ensure fuel lines are properly secured and as far away from heat sources as possible, particularly exhaust manifolds.

Weight 0.75kg