Facet Red Top carburettor Fuel Pump

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Facet Red Top Fuel Pump
The Facet Red Top fuel pump is our fuel pump of choice when it comes to supplying fuel to the Weber 500 carburettor. 

This fuel pump is an externally mounted 12V unit, which outputs 6-7 PSI and has a maximum flow rate of 33 Gallons per hour. We use this pump with the Weber 500 carb, and simply plumb the outlet of the pump directly to the inlet of the carburettor via an inline filter - no need for a regulator in this set up. If you are using a different carburettor, please check the pressure requirements as you may need a regulator. 

The Facet red top is compatible with a number of fuels including petrol, diesel, biodiesel, blended alcohol and fuel additives. The pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and is supplied with rubber mounts to reduce vibration. 

The inlet and outlet ports have a thread rating of 1/4 NPT, included in the box are barb adapters so that an 8mm pipe can be fitted, which is the same we would use ourselves.

Weight 1.1kg