Full Engine Gasket Set - Thor

Product information

Included in this listing is a complete engine gasket set for your Rover V8 engine with Thor injection - as used in Discovery 2's and P38 Range Rovers from 1999 onwards. The Thor system can be identified by its unique "bunch of bananas" intake manifold, however if you are unsure then you are always welcome to email info@v8engines.com with a photo of your engine for identification. When we say full engine gasket set, we mean it, the listing here is for a kit containing every gasket and seal in your V8 engine to keep the oil, water and air where they should be. The comprehensive list of gaskets is below.

Included in this kit

  • Sump gasket
  • Front and Rear Crank Seals
  • Crucifix seals
  • Front cover gasket
  • Water Pump gasket
  • Composite intake manifold/valley gasket & end seals.
  • Upper intake manifold gasket
  • Pair composite head gaskets
  • Pair rocker cover gaskets
  • Exhaust manifold gaskets

Helpful information

  • Do not use silicon on the sump gasket (or a very, very thin smear if you absolutely must). We have seen silicon contribute to engine damage no end of times as excess sealant gets squeezed into the sump, where it blocks the oil pickup strainer and restricts the oil flow.
  • Please note that none of the standard head bolts should be reused. ARP studs can be reused any number of times, assuming the thread is not damaged. New stud kits and bolts are available from our shop here
  • The head gaskets we supply are composite, as we have found these give the best long term reliability, and being thicker than tin gaskets allows more tolerance for minor imperfections in the sealing surfaces
  • Details of which sealants we do use and where are available from RPi
  • A comprehensive selection of bolts and studs are also available from our web shop for your engine rebuilding needs. 

Weight 2.11kg