Full Optimax Upgrade Kit for Hotwire EFI - ECU Remap, Ignition system and FPR

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Product information

Included in this listing is a "kit of kits" comprised of our complete ignition kit as shown here as well as an Optimax ECU chip and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Further information

Complete ignition kit
Includes a brand new distributor with rotor arm and cap, our unique and exclusive A&R Amplifier for dual fuel or petrol only, a complete set of Magnecor plug leads, a Bosch 12v ignition coil and a set of NGK BP6ES spark plugs. This combination ensures that not only will your ignition system be in top condition with all service parts replaced, but it will also be giving the best possible spark output, aiding you in economy, performance and smooth running
Optimax ECU chip
Suitable only for standard 3.9 engines running the Hotwire fuel injection system. This is a corrective fuel map, aimed at righting the wrongdoings that Rover made in their mapping all those years ago with the biggest difference being in acceleration in the mid range and under load, giving you a more responsive engine in everyday conditions. Especially important in lighter cars such as MG RV8's which came with Range Rover fuel maps from the factory - completely incorrect for a lightweight two wheel drive sports car.
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Enhances performance, acceleration, throttle response and economy by increasing fuel enrichment under load to a greater degree than the standard fuel pressure regulator. Being adjustable, it is also far easier to ensure that you are running at the correct fuel pressure, especially compared to the standard Rover unit, many of which are well past their best by now.

RPi Advice

  • Full fitting advice and assistance is available from us if required
  • After fitting this kit, your engine will require a set up. This work is best completed by us at RPi Engineering.
  • This kit is suitable for cars on LPG or just petrol
  • If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email or call us
  • For more information about each of the components listed in this kit, please see our other listing

Brand Tornado
Condition New
Weight 32kg