GEMS / Hotwire Inline Fuel Pressure Tester

Rover V8 Fuel Pressure Tester for GEMS & Hotwire
For sale in this listing is an in-line fuel pressure tester for Rover V8 engines with either GEMS or Hotwire fuel injection systems fitted. This unit allows you to easily test fuel pressure on these injection systems if you do not currently have the correct tools or if you have an early Hotwire system which does not have a valve for testing fuel pressure.  The unit here simply connects in line with the rail, and includes the gauge so you can easily measure the fuel pressure.

Ensuring that you have the correct fuel pressure is essential to ensuring that your engine runs correctly and can be tuned to specification, in turn ensuring that you are getting the best performance, economy and reliability out of your engine. Being able to test fuel pressure is also imperative to finding running faults as a failing fuel pump or regulator can cause a range of issues and headaches. 

Please note however that this product will not set or adjust your fuel pressure. For this you would need one of our adjustable fuel pressure regulators, available in our shop here

Condition New
Weight 0.9kg