GEMS Tornado ECU Remap Chips for Land Rover Defender 90, Range Rover P38

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Sagem (GEMS) type Engine Land Rover Defender ECU Chips.

Are these chips suitable for my car?

These chips are designed for the Land Rover Defender 90 which uses the Lucas Sagem Fuel Injection System but also the same injection system as used in the Range Rover P38 (1994 to 1999) and Morgan +8.

  • 2 Quick fit EPROM Mark Adams chips. Offering a simple DIY installation.
  • 2 on-board required decoder chips. Also simple to fit.
  • Colour fitting instructions.and unlimited RPI/Partsrange assistance / support
  • Assurance of thousands of these bespoke chips sold over many years
Avoid going into default.

Essentially Gems/Sagem engine management is equipped with an OBD-2 (on board diagnostics) style engine management computer. Unlike previous models, the Sagem system has the ability to constantly monitor its performance, efficiency and economy, and make logical adjustments to its ignition and fuelling parameters. It also records previous faults it may have encountered. The main problem it has is that it is constantly trying to maintain the compromised settings (for a Range Rover) installed by the original manufacturer (Land Rover).

Get the right settings.

In the following few paragraphs you will learn how simple it is to not only remove the robust security (Rover's pre-installation to lock out any future upgrades), but also how to improve on your standard engine's efficiency. It's so easy that you can gain all you need without any compromises. That's Torque, Bhp and Economy!!

What are the gains from a chip install only?

From just installing the ECU chips you can easily expect at least 20-25% increase in torque throughout the entire rev range, BHP and efficiency too. The chip upgrade is also compatible and recommended for use with our piper camshaft upgrades, K&N air filters, Carbon Fibre Super Flair Trumpets and our full or partial Stainless Steel exhaust system.

Essential for all 4.0 & 4.6 engine upgrades.

Even the slightest change such as an exhaust system or free flow filter will not register any favours with the ECU and it will continually fight against any extra fueling requirements to make the best of the upgrade. Instead, it will always try to restore factory default settings, thus undermining anything you have done. With the removal of "robust security" once these chips have been installed and the revised fuel and ignition map they will simply adapt to any modifications, camshaft, intake or exhaust that you may do. The chips also have both 4.0 litre and 4.6 litre fuel maps stored on them so if you later upgrade to a 4.6 litre engine there is no need to send them back for a software re-write, simply plug in Test Book, Rovacom Lite or FaultMate and change from 4.0 to 4.6.

Could Chipping lower engine temperature?

The fuel maps direct from Land Rover are very weak on the mid range fuel/air ratio. This will be beginning to cause problems with engine internal temperature, and can be the cause of valve guide, or worse still, shifted liner/cracked block problems, commonly found in Range Rovers and heavier 4x4 cars. This however, is normally in countries running very low octane fuels, but the advantages are for all.

Specific details that you / we need to know upon purchasing this Chip.
  • It will be necessary on Sagem vehicles to perform a security re-learn once these ECU chips have been fitted to enable the engine to start. This can be done with Test Book, Rovacom Lite, FaultMate or any other 3rd party diagnostics equipment which has the capability of the re-learn security option.

Technical specifications

Brand Tornado
Condition New
Weight 2kg