Hedman Header Tubular exhaust manifold For Defender 90 50th Anniversary, Discovery 1 and RRC

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Product information

A pair of Hedman tubular exhaust manifolds, modified to fit Defender 90 50th anniversary models but also compatible with Discovery 1/2 with catalysts and Range Rover Classics. These are not compatible with the earlier non-cat V8 Land Rover due to the shape of the cross-members, however we are able to supply manifolds suitable for these vehicles. This system is a direct bolt-on to the RPi D90 50th exhaust system, but in other vehicles or with other exhaust systems, a custom y-piece will be required to fit to these manifolds. A pair of pipe tails and flanges are supplied with the manifolds to simplify this process. The pipe from each exhaust port is 1.5" diameter, leading to a 2.5" collector - perfect for any Rover V8 engine, including those fitted with our stage 4 Merlin cylinder heads. Please note these manifolds are only suitable for right hand drive vehicles.

Please note: when used on Defender 90 50th models, slimline knock sensors are required as the originals will foul the manifold. Please contact us if you would like us to supply these with your manifolds. We also advise fitting our unlocked and mapped ECU (or Tornado chip on Hotwire engines) to ensure fuelling is correct.

RPi Advice

  • Modified to suit Defender 90 50th Anniversary models, but also compatible with Range Rover Classic's, Discovery 1 & Discovery 2's fitted with catalytic converters. Custom y-piece required.
  • The paint the manifolds are supplied with is a protective coating only, flaking/burning off when in use is normal. Minor scratches from transport/storage is also normal and will not shorten the life of the manifolds.
  • We don't advise use of heat wrap on exhaust manifolds, especially on vehicles used off-road. The wrap holds on to water/mud, and will accelerate rust significantly. Heat shields and/or ceramic coating are a better option where heat management is required.
  • Ceramic coating is available as an optional extra for these manifolds and can help prevent corrosion as well as reduce under bonnet temperatures, please enquire if this is of interest
  • RPi can make bespoke exhausts in-house for any application of the Rover V8, built to your specifications. Please email info@v8engines.com for more details.

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