Hotwire Lambda/Oxygen Sensor

Product information

A single lambda sensor (sometimes referred to as an O2 sensor), suitable for Rover V8 engines which are fitted with the 14CUX Hotwire injection system, as used in 3.9 EFI Range Rovers and Discovery 1's, MG RV8's, factory Westfield SEights and many Morgan +8's and TVR models. It's also a popular EFI system to use on kit cars and engine conversions thanks to its simplicity and ease of tuning. The Hotwire system can be identified by its ECU, which is a black box with a single rectangular plug and will be marked with a label with 14CUX written on it. The listing here is for the pre-cat lambda sensor, which we recommend is fitted on all vehicles even if catalysts are not being used.

In some vehicles/markets, lambda sensors were not fitted. If this is the case for your vehicle, we can supply instructions and a fitting kit to add the lambda wiring into your engine wiring loom to allow lambda sensors to be used. Please email if this is something you require. 

RPi Advice

  • The best way of testing your lambda sensor is using a diagnostics machine which can show you the live data reading from the sensor - we recommend Rovergauge for this. If the reading is "switching" (ie raising and falling) whilst the engine is idling, this indicates the sensors are likely to be reading.
  • Functional lambda sensors are essential to the most efficient part-throttle operation of the engine management system
  • Lambda sensors should still be fitted on vehicles without catalysts, but make sure chip the ECU appropriately.
  • Be careful not the cross the wires between banks - we've seen this done and it causes one bank to run extremely lean whilst the other runs extremely rich.

Weight 0.75kg