Ignition Upgrade Kit - Distributor, A&R Amplifier & Magnecor Leads

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Product information

Included in this listing is a brand new distributor, set of Magnecor leads, and A&R ignition amplifier. The kit here is suitable for all Rover V8 engines pre 1976, and offers considerable gains in economy, torque and throttle response - especially when compared to the tired ignition systems found on many Rover V8 engines and will offer a smoother idle too.

We know that the standard Rover ignition system has always been inadequate from the start and must be improved to truly get the most out of your Rover V8 engine. There's no need for complicated mappable ignition systems or "high output" coils etc. All you need is a standard distributor in good condition (working vacuum advance, mechanical advance and no free play on the shaft), a Bosch 12v coil - no ballast resistor, a set of Magnecor plug leads and most importantly our A&R ignition amplifier. These things combined allow for not only a higher ignition output, but also ultimate reliability in your ignition system.

What's included?

  • A&R Ignition amplifier for double spark output compared to a stnadard Lucas amplifier
  • Brand new distributor, modified to suit any style of oil pump and with new vacuum advance fitted
  • Set of Magnecor plug leads.
  • Complete set of instructions and full RPi assistance if required.
  • Please note the distributor cap may be supplied in blue or black depending on availability

RPi Advice

  • The A&R Amplifier is essential to any Rover V8 engine.
  • Magnecor plug leads are a 'fit and forget' item. We've had them fitted to some of our vehicles for 18 years and they're still performing just as well as the day that they were fitted.
  • It's always best to give your engine a set up after making any changes.
  • This kit can be combined with either our Weber 500 or ECU chipping kits, please enquire for more details
  • We also offer complete ignition kits which include a coil, spark plugs and more
  • Instructions for fitting the amplifier can be found here

Brand Magnecor
Condition New
Weight 5kg