Intake hose - Flapper airflow meter to Plenum

£35.83 (ex. VAT)

Product information

A flexible intake hose suitable for use between the Flapper EFI plenum chamber and airflow meter. This hose is suitable for use with all vehicles running the Flapper fuel injection system on the Rover V8 engine. Please note that this hose is not suitable for use with other Rover V8 injection systems.

RPi Advice

  • Suitable for Rover SD1 EFI models, early EFI Range Rover Classics and all other Rover V8 powered vehicle running the Flapper EFI system
  • You can identify flapper EFI by the mechanical flap in the airflow meter, which opens as air flow increases - unsurprisingly this is where the system got its nickname.
  • Be vigilant in ensuring there are no leaks in the intake of your engine, especially after the air flow meter. Unmetered air getting into the intake causes lean running and presents itself as a wide range of annoying symptoms.
  • This hose will not fit a Hotwire airflow meter, please see the Hotwire section of our shop for parts of the 14CUX injection system.
  • Flapper causing you issues? You're not the first and likely not the last, especially as all the components age. As parts for Flapper EFI become increasingly rare and therefor increasingly valuable, it can be a more cost effective (and less laborious) option to switch to the Edelbrock 500 carburettor. You can find more information about this on the Carburettor section of our shop.

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