Intake Manifold / Valley Gasket & End Seals

Product information

A composite valley / intake manifold gasket complete with a pair of rubber end seals, suitable for Rover V8 engines of all years and capacities. Suitable as a direct replacement for engines which currently have a composite inlet/valley gasket installed, or as an upgrade to engines which came with a tin gasket - the composite material has a greater tolerance for sealing where there are minor imperfections in the mating surface.

RPi Advice

  • When installing, we fill the groove in each of the end seals with silicon sealant, and then continue the silicon on top and partway up the cylinder head at each end (see pictures above)
  • We recommend using a thin smear of Hylomar around each intake port on both sides of the gasket, to ensure a good seal and avoid air leaks which can cause a number of running faults, especially on fuel injected engines. Hylomar should also be applied around the waterways at either end of each cylinder head.
  • Details of sealants can also be found in this video about installing our carburettor kits, but the advice is relevant to fuel injected engines, too
  • Inlet manifold bolts should be tightened to 30 ft/lb, and you should go around all the bolts 2 or 3 times at this setting.
  • We always recommend using a composite gasket over tin for improved sealing ability

Weight 1.6kg