Kent Full Vernier Timing Chain Set - V Belt and Serpentine

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Product information

A Kent full vernier timing chain set suitable for Rover V8 engines using a V-belt or intermediate serpentine front cover. In other words, any Rover V8 engine which uses a distributor. We use the vernier chain set on engines where the nth degree of adjustability is required - usually where a Piper 285 camshaft or Merlin cylinder heads are fitted. In most cases, the standard timing chain sets we supply are more than up to the task and make for an easier installation.

RPi Advice

  • This timing chain set is suitable for V-belt and intermediate serpentine timing covers - IE any Rover V8 with a distributor
  • A timing wheel is supplied to help ensure an accurate dial-in of the camshaft timing - the vernier timing chain set has infinite adjustability as opposed to fixed keyways.
  • With the vernier timing chain set your camshaft timing will need to be dialled in - timing data can be obtained from the camshaft manufacturer. 
  • Always inspect your camshaft condition - replacing a worn timing chain won't do much to help your engine if the camshaft itself is worn
  • Need gaskets to do the job? These are also available from our website, please see the gaskets and seals section

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