Kent Lifters - Set of 16

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Product information

A complete set of 16 Kent lifters suitable for any year, capacity and variant of the Rover V8 engine. Hydraulic lifters are the only style we will fit to any Rover V8 engine, in our experience solid lifters aren't needed in 99% of engine builds and they often are far noisier than their hydraulic counterparts. We choose Kent lifters because none of the other options currently available are up to our standards, and we want to be sure we're fitting and supplying the best possible parts every time. After all, doing the job twice costs far more than doing it right the first time.
Before installing, you will need to press the anti-corrosion fluid out of the lifter. This is easily done and instructions are supplied when we send these out. Do not soak the lifters in oil before fitting. Setting tappet pre-load is a vital step in the build of any Rover V8 engine to ensure smooth, quiet operation - this is done using the shim kit available from us here.

RPi Advice

  • Make sure you drain the anti-corrosive fluid out of the lifters before fitting.
  • Do not soak the lifters before fitting
  • RPI recommends Valvoline VR1 20W50 oil for all Rover V8 engines
  • Tappet pre-load should always be set when working in the camshaft or valvetrain area of the Rover V8, please see the link above for further information.

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