Land Rover Defender 90 Remapped GEMS Tornado ECU for D90 & D90 50th

Product information

An unlocked GEMS ECU programmed to suit Defender 90 50th anniversary vehicles, guaranteed to improve driving characteristics thanks to correction of the fuelling and ignition maps to bring them back into line with what you would expect. As standard, the fuel map is very lean on cruise and in the mid rev range - a failed attempt by Land Rover to get better fuel efficiency numbers for the brochures. This means accelerating, especially from a cruise, is often a laboured affair requiring large throttle inputs to get the car to do anything worthwhile. This ECU corrects that issue and gains you extra torque, power, throttle response and economy. However, don't confuse this with one of the many 'power chips' on the market - this is a correction chip and brings the fuelling and ignition in line with how it should have been from the factory. Most customers in our experience notice the difference the first time they drive off our forecourt. Of course, we can also take into account any engine upgrades you have applied, and ensure the gains from those upgrades are fully realised by ensuring the fuelling remains correct for the extra airflow. Simply tell us about any upgrades you have and they will be taken into account.

Please let us know if you are sending us your ECU using the drop down menu. If you are sending your ECU in exchange, this must arrive at RPi before we send the unlocked ECU

We recommend the use of an unlocked ECU on the D90 50th as it eliminates a fault caused by the wiring of the vehicle (also present in Morgan +8's). When Land Rover built the wiring loom for the dashboard they placed the alarm signal/Engine check light wire in amongst all the other dash wires. When the ignition is first turned on, the alarm code is sent down the alarm signal wire at the same time all the dials boot up and set themselves. This causes an amperage spike which in turn often disrupts the alarm signal. In turn this means that the ECU does not receive the correct commands to allow the engine to start. Normally a second try of turning the ignition on results in the engine then starting, however we have seen many D90 50th models come in over the years where this issue has become a major factor of unreliability. With an unlocked GEMs ECU this issue is removed.

On some ECU's we send, you may need to to swap the back cover to the original that was fitted to your vehicle as some came with extra brackets etc. This is a simple case of removing 5 T20 screws from each ECU, swapping the covers over and putting the screws back in. If you are sending your ECU in exchange, we will complete this process for you before sending the ECU.

RPi Advice

  • We recommend upgrading your ignition system with Magnecor plug leads, available through our shop.
  • Installation is a simple process of removing the original ECU, plugging this one in and turning the key.
  • A fitting and tuning service is available at our workshop in Horsford, Norfolk. Please enquire by email at We also undertake any other Rover V8 based work from exhaust systems to full engine rebuilds.
  • For home installations, full telephone and email support is also available for any questions you may have before, during or after the installation.

Brand RPi
Condition New
Weight 2.5kg