Magnecor Ignition Plug Leads For all Rover V8's with distributor

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Magnecor Plug Wires 8mm Blue Suitable for All Distributed Rover V8s
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A full set of 8.0mm Blue Magnecor Plug Leads to suit all Rover V8 engines with a distributor. The most common vehicles have been listed above for you to select before purchase, however if you require custom leads or don't see your vehicle listed please contact us, as we can supply Magencor leads for all Rover V8 vehicles. 

  • Increased Fuel economy, 10 - 20% nominal is to be expected.
  • Increased engine torque, especially through the low end and mid range where you spend most of your time on the road. 
  • Smoother running thanks to improved combustion
  • Far cleaner & lower emissions creating for far longer engine life.
  • LPG (GPL) Recommended due fuel octane increase to 110 with LPG
  • Enhanced service life of Ten years minimum can be assumed or 100 thousand Miles.This would truly be a lifetime for most vehicles
  • At this cost the cost, Magnecor wires will not only be the most cost effective upgrade you ever made but will also considerably enhance the driving pleasure of your cherished vehicle.
  • For further assurance we can reliably state we have supplied many thousands of sets of Magnecor wires the past 15 years and 99% are still in use without fault or perhaps the engine itself has given up first. We have had them on vehicles that RPi own for 18 years or more and they are still performing just as well as day 1. 

Plug leads exposed.

  • UK Factory hand built (by Humans) and checked for continued maximum manufacture assembly reliability.
  • Spiral wound for full capacitance build up to create shortest, highest possible voltage spark
  • Stainless Steel hand built construction at the 'Spark Plug' connection to eliminate normal corrosion otherwise causing all damaging HT. contact degradation.
  • Many boot style and angles both at plug lead and distributor fitment ends, variable in the set to provide perfect fitment and avoidance of obstacles such as hot exhaust manifolds.
  • Minimum 8mm Silicon cover, ( 8.5 Red Also available) Silicon although in itself is of no value for spark enhancement, but very good as the ultimate RF insulator, wire strengthener, damp inhibitor and durability, all being only real purpose of the use of silicone in plug wires here. (if colour is important though we offer 8mm Blue and 8.5MM red)
  • Fit and forget, the lifetime warranty offered with these Magnecor wires can be truly believed and we will guarantee to replace any faulty ones of our own back for a ten year period.
Magnecor design Origins.
  • In the beginning. Designed primarily for pure racing engines using racing ignitions, turbo charging and supercharging.
  • The Entire jacket was made from aerospace extreme heat-resistant silicone rubber.
  • Exclusive magnecor 2.5 mm Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will suppress EMI indefinitely, allowing this cable to be used on all road vehicles with any ignition styles and especially essential for LPG gas converted vehicles..
Excellent RFI & EMI suppression, flexible high-strength, high-silicon construction

Please do not confuse Magnecor with cheaper high-street or original equipment leads. Spiral wound leads, hand built by Magnecor, actually boost spark output and plug gaps can safely be increased by 10-20% due substantial higher spark delivery voltage.

  • Below you can see a library picture of a set of magnecor leads, the ones supplied may vary slightly but will come supplied specifically for your vehicle

Brand Magnecor
Condition New
Weight 1.5kg