Morgan +8 4.0 GEMS upgrade kit including chips, Magnecor leads and Knock Sensors

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Morgan 4.0 Gems complete essential fuel management upgrade - Chipping - Magnecor Leads - Knock Sensors.

What is this listing for?

Here we are offering a comprehensive upgrade package for all Morgan 4.0 models fitted with the GEMS type  injection system. 

To fully explain
As standard, the Morgan +8 was supplied with a Range Rover fuel map. Your Morgan is not a Range Rover, it does not weigh 2 tonne plus or have four wheel drive, so whether you are putting your foot down gently to cruise or for hard acceleration, the load feedback is not there for the ECU to compute. Thus, the engine runs critically lean, fuel is wasted, plugs are fouled and the performance is dull, this then leads to engine pinking and detonation. All because Morgan bodged the fuelling from the factory rather than sorting it properly to begin with. 

To scrape through the emissions test, the knock sensors have most likely been removed. This puts the ignition advance into to default locked mode, further enhancing dull performance, high emissions, unstable idle, poor economy and much shortened engine life. This, along with other issues, is why your Morgan fails to have the punch and sparkle it should possess, there are other issues too but here is where to start

What's included here
  • New Tornado Sagem ECU Chip - 2 Quick fit EPROM Mark Adams chips. Offering a simple DIY installation.
  • A bespoke Set of 8.0mm Magnecor plug leads including the coil lead.
  • Genuine ( ERR5594) Knock Sensors - preventing severe detonation.

What are the gains from a chip install only?

From just installing the ECU chips you can easily expect at least 15-20% increase in torque throughout the entire rev range, bhp and efficiency too. The chip upgrade is also compatible with our piper camshaft upgrades, K&N air filters, Carbon Fibre Super Flair Trumpets ad our full or partial Stainless Steel exhaust system without modification.

Please Note : It will be necessary on Sagem vehicles to perform a security re-learn once these ECU chips have been fitted to enable the engine to start. This can be done with Test Book, Rovacom Lite, FaultMate or any other 3rd party diagnostics equipment which has the capability of the re-learn security option. If in doubt please contact us.

Will I need any special tools?

Not at all, the only tools required are a screw driver for removing the ECU from the car. A T20 Torque screw driver for removing the ECU lid and then a small flat headed screw driver for removing the original ECU chips.

Could Chipping lower engine temperature?

The fuel maps direct from Land Rover are very weak on the mid range fuel/air ratio. This will be beginning to cause problems with engine internal temperature, and can be the cause of valve guide, or worse still, shifted liner/cracked block problems, commonly found in Range Rovers and heavier 4x4 cars. This however, is normally in countries running very low octane fuels, but the advantages are for all.

I have heard that after chipping I might have problems?

Although we have chipped many hundreds of Morgans we have encountered an occasional issue which has always gone back to the vehicle build which have all been resolved. These issues were simply....

When Morgan build the wiring loom for the dash board they placed the rev counter wire in the same part of the loom to the Alarm signal/Engine check light wire. When the ignition is first turned on the alarm code is sent down the alarm signal wire, however at the same time the rev counter resets its self and this causes a voltage spike to travel down the rev counter wire. As the alarm signal is a very weak but precise the rev counter pulse interferes with the alarm code and causes the ECU to receive an incorrect code. This causes the engine check light to come on and fr the engine to not start that time. Although the engine check light will then remain on until reset the vehicle will start next time the ECU receives a correct code.

Once the chips are fitted a security learn process is required to enable to new ECU chips to learn your 10AS alarm module code (This code is unique to your vehicle so can not be pre programmed) We have found that in some instances the 10AS alarm modules is faulty and will not perform this procedure and no communication to the 10AS can be established. In the couple of instances of this we have replaced the 10AS module with a new unit, then programmed the 10AS with the relevant information. Once this has been done then a security learn can be performed correctly.

The OBDII communication port is wired incorrectly causing communication problems. We have OBDII ports with wiring kits available to re-wire this and rectify the fault.

The ignition switch contacts have been faulty causing the ECU not to shut down correctly, this causes the battery to go flat over a period of time unnecessarily. You could try another ignition barrel here although we have found that a relay can be used to ensure that the ECU receives a direct 12 to 0 volt drop.

Magnecor plug wires 8.0mm Blue Suitable for GEMS Rover V8's

Minimum expected benefits.
  • Increased Fuel economy, 10 -20% nominal is to be expected.
  • Increased engine torque, especially through transitional low end and mid range load/Rpm driving.
  • Engine torque smoother & more enthused-enabled through improved combustion
  • Far cleaner & lower emissions creating for far longer engine life.
  • LPG Recommended due fuel octane increase to 110 with LPG
  • Enhanced service life of Ten years minimum can be assumed or 100 thousand Miles
  • At this cost, Magnecor wires will not only be the most cost effective upgrade you ever made but will also considerably enhance the driving pleasure of your cherished vehicle.
  • For further assurance we can reliably state we have supplied many thousands of sets of Magnecor wires the past 15 years and 99% are still in use without fault or perhaps the engine itself has given up first.

Plug leads exposed.

  • UK Factory hand built (by Humans) and checked for continued maximum manufacture assembly reliability.
  • Spiral wound for full capacitance build up to create shortest, highest possible ignition voltage detonation.
  • Stainless steel hand built construction at the 'Spark Plug' connection to eliminate normal corrosion otherwise causing all damaging HT. contact degradation.
  • Cap/plug wire contacts hand fitted rather than by blind machines.
  • Many boot style and angles both at plug lead and distributor fitment ends to provide perfect fitment and avoidance of hot exhaust manifolds.
  • Minimum 8mm Silicon cover, ( 8.5 Red Also available) Silicon although in itself is of no value for spark enhancement, but very good as the ultimate RF insulator, wire strengthener and damp inhibitor.
  • Fit and forget, the lifetime warranty offered with these Magnecor wires can be truly believed and we will guarantee to replace any faulty ones off our own back for a ten year period.
Magnecor design Origins.
  • In the beginning. Designed primarily for pure racing engines using racing ignitions, turbo charging and supercharging.
  • The Entire jacket was made from aerospace extreme heat-resistant silicone rubber.
  • Exclusive magnecor 2.5 mm Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will suppress EMI indefinitely, allowing this cable to be used on all road vehicles with any ignition styles and especially essential for LPG gas converted vehicles..
Excellent RFI & EMI suppression, flexible high-strength, high-silicon construction

Please do not confuse Magnecor with cheaper high-street or original equipment leads. Spiral wound leads, hand built by Magnecor, actually boost spark output and plug gaps can safely be increased by 10-20% due substantial higher spark delivery voltage.

Magnecor Road & Race Wires (you don't need to read this)

Are used on most serious race engines such as current engines used in the USA in NASCAR, Winston Cup, Grand National and Super Truck series, SCCA (including successful factory vehicles and other series winners), IMSA, NHRA etc. Magnecor Race Wires are also used on many race engines competing worldwide; Australians would be interested to know most successful Touring Cars, including most cars running at Bathurst, use Magnecor Race Wires. They have been successfully run on many 5,000+HP Top Fuel engines. However, unlike all other performance wires, Magnecor Race Wires can be used to improve ANY street engine ignition performance ­ because they provide EMI suppression!


Pair Genuine Land Rover  Engine Knock Sensors

What is this listing for?

This listing is for a pair of used Gems Engine Knock Sensor as suitable for any vehicles using the GEMS injection system . Genuine Land Rover part - part number ERR5594.

  • Pair Gems Knock Sensors
  • Also suitable for other Sagem "Gems" engines including Land Rover Defender & Morgan V8.
  • Genuine Land Rover Part number - ERR 5594
  • We have it most / all parts for your Range Rover, if you don't see it listed please contact us.

Technical specifications

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Condition New
Weight 2.5kg