Morgan +8 V8 GEMS Remapped ECU - Plug & Play

£625.00 (ex. VAT)

Remapped GEMS ECU for Morgan +8

We offer chipping for all Rover V8s with the hotwire, Gems and Motronic/Thor Engine Management, see our other listings for details or contact us for more information..

What is this listing for?

Here we are offering a set of brand new Mark Adams Tornado ECU chips, fitted into a Gems Engine ECU ready to fit. Simply replace your old ECU with this replacement unit (allowing you to keep hold of your original ECU, should you ever want to revert it back to standard, with brand new tornado ECU chips mapped specifically for the Morgan +8, but other vehicle ECU chipping available too.

Please note this price includes a surcharge of £60 which we will refund upon receiving your old ECU

Included in this auction is
  • Engine ECU Fitted with upgraded chips ready to plug in.
  • Colour fitting instructions.and unlimited RPI assistance / support
  • Assurance of thousands of these bespoke chips sold over many years
  • Full RPi 3 month return to base no quibble warranty. as with all our products
  • If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to give us a call on 01603 891029
How Will I Benefit From a Tornado ECU Chipped ECU?
From just installing the ECU chips you can easily expect at least 15-20% increase in torque throughout the entire rev range, BHP and efficiency too. The chip upgrade is also compatible with our piper camshaft upgrades, K&N air filters, Carbon Fibre Super Flair Trumpets and our full or partial Stainless Steel exhaust system without modification.
Due to a vast collection of ECU's we have purchased, we are including this ECU free of charge with no surcharges or exchange costs. Simply remove your old unit, replace it with this unlocked and chipped ECU and be prepared to be truly amazed by the performance difference!

What's more, you can keep your original ECU as a spare to ensure the life of your Range Rover.
  • Brand new Tornado ECU chip offered here fitted and ready to plug in.
  • This unit requires no specialist unlocking or security re-learn, it is a simple plug in and play system.
  • Offered here for the Morgan +8, but also suitable for Range Rover P38 & Land Rover Defender 90.
  • No exchange costs or surcharges.
  • We can also supply complete Gems engine management systems to include all engine hardware as well a electrical parts and harnesses. plus upgrades and unlocking as previously mentioned.

Technical specifications

Brand N/A
Condition New
Weight 2.5kg