Needles & Jets for Weber/Edelbrock 500 Carburettors

£31.67 (ex. VAT)

Weber/Edelbrock 500 Needle & Jet Set for Rover V8 Engines
This set includes a pair of needles and a pair of jets to fit the Weber/Edelbrock 500 carburettor. We have fitted this carburettor to all sizes of Rover V8 engines hundreds if not thousands of times over the last 20+ years, and so we can send you out the correct sets of needles and jets for your engine size without you having to go through all the unnecessary hassle or expense of jetting kits and constant retuning. Simply fit the needles and jets we send you using our handy video instructions, tune the carburettor (or bring your car to RPi for the full tuning package and RPi experience) and drive away knowing that your carburettor is fuelling your engine correctly. 

We always recommend setting up the carburettor using an exhaust gas tester for the best results, as well as upgrading your ignition system to make sure you're getting the full potential from your engine. More information about this can be found in the ignition section of our shop. 

Even better, this price includes free delivery!