Oil Pump Upgrade kit for Pre 1976 timing covers

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Product information

This is a complete kit to upgrade the oil pump on a pre-1976 Rover V8 timing cover.Featuring a pair of longer gears, spacer plate, gaskets and bolts, this kit allows the pre-76 oil pump to be upgraded to match the performance of the post-1976 v-belt oil pump, more than enough for nearly all Rover V8 applications. The drive on the shaft of the oil pump gear is suitable for the early/pre-1976 style oil pump drive from the distributor, as you can see in the image above.

Please note if your timing cover is a post-1976 item then this kit will not be compatible with your timing cover. If you are unsure, please send us some general photos of your timing cover and we can help identify it.

RPi Advice

  • The oil pump base should be filled with Vaseline before inserting the gears, which will ensure that the oil pump is primed, reducing the time it takes to get oil pressure on the first start.
  • Oil pump bases can be skimmed, however no material should be removed from the oil pump body as this will increase the clearance around the gears and reduce oil pressure. Instead, use a brand new Stanley blade to run around the walls of the oil pump and "flick out" and deposits of carbon that have worked their way into the pump.
  • An upgraded oil pump will not fix a worn engine - if you're suffering from very low oil pressure then the internal condition of your engine should be inspected.
  • RPi recommends Valvoline VR1 20/50 oil for all Rover V8 engines.

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