OMVL Tandem Vaporiser for Rover V8 Engines


OMVL Tandem Vaporizer. The best choice for all big capacity engines.

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This listing is for:

One brand new OMVL tandem vaporiser complete with 12 volt solenoid and fittings as shown..

What does it do:
A vaporizer is the component located under the bonnet and linked directly to the LPG tank with a copper pipe via a fuel solenoid/filter. The copper pipe from the tank supplies liquid LPG to the vaporizer, and then, as the name suggests, the vaporizer changes this liquid Gas to a vapour ready for the engine to burn. The vaporizer is also a demand and supply valve, sucked at from the mixer ring located in the induction pipe. The harder the engine works, the higher the vacuum from the mixer ring, therefore, the diaphragm inside the vaporiser is moved further and more vapour is let through to the engine.

Why you need this Vaporiser:
The V8 engine is a large engine in comparison to most everyday cars ( fuel injected 2.0 litre engines for example), and therefore needs a large vaporiser to supply it with the correct amount of fuel at the higher end of the rev range. So most would think of fitting a larger vaporiser. Yes, this is what is needed, however, at low rpm there is not much vacuum in the induction pipe, and this means it is very difficult to move a large diaphragm to let vapour through. So, in this instance, when the V8 is at lower rpm, a smaller vaporiser is required.

The best of both worlds:
The OMVL unit is a tandem vaporiser, and therefore works just like an old style 2 stage carburettor. It has a small diaphragm at the front which is easy for the vacuum to pull at and open, and then, as the vacuum from the mixer ring increases, the larger diaphragm at the rear is opened to allow more vapour through so that the engine does not run lean.

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As used by RPi Engineering on our bespoke Rover V8 LPG conversions on all Fuel Injected vehicles upto the Motronic (Thor) Fuel Injection system (ie normally upto the year 2000)

FAQ Zone

  • Will this vapouriser work on my injection kit?
    No this vapouriser is not suitable for an injected LPG kit as this is a supply and demand vapoursier were as injection kits require a constant pressure of LPG supply. We can also supply these, please enquire.
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(The unique way this Tandem vaporizer works ensures complete compatibility for all V8 and large capacity 6 cylinder engines.).

Technical specifications