P38 Range Rover Koni Shocks - Front

Koni Front Shock Absorbers - Range Rover P38

Suitable for 4.0, 4.6, SE, HSE and DSE models and designed to enhance the ride and cure the body roll characteristics to an unbelievable level

What is this listing for?

One Pair of Adjustable front Koni Shock absorbers complete with fitting kit. Suitable for your Range Rover and guaranteed to more than impress, they come boxed with all new bushes and nuts and represent the ultimate upgrade choice.

Will these shocks fit my car?

They are suitable for all of the Range Rove rP38's 1995 to 2002, both petrol and diesel.

Once driven on Koni, you could never live without them again.

If you are fed up with your Range Rover tilting heavy on slight and cornering at all speeds as well as its lack of stability under breaking and normal driving then we can certainly recommend Koni Shock absorbers for you.

We have personally used them for 20+ Years on all RPi Bespoke conversions and with many sets sent out on mail order to date we have never had an unsatisfied customer, indeed the set on our 130mph Range Rover have now done 100K miles in 8 years including much off-roading, river crossings and other unrelenting work and are still as good as the day we fitted them.

Most noticeable is the lack of 'rebound' control/stability of standard shocks, that make Rovers feel so limp. Konis are valved to control rebound better, this ensures you get the handling without the harshness of 'over valved' shocks.

You and your passengers will appreciate the uncompromising body-roll control and improved ride for sure, and you won't find it a harsher ride either.


One of the most disappointing aspects of all used Range Rovers, Land Rovers & Discoveries is the excessive body roll, even at low-speed cornering & normal manoeuvring, especially if the shock absorbers fitted as standard are in less than perfect condition.

The primary reason for the excessive body roll is probably no more than the manufacturer's compromises, and most replacement shocks fare only marginally better or at worst transform the ride into a 'Concrete Ride' or Rally Spec. Hardly what you need for road and mild off-road use.

The Koni Way.

Koni have, over the years, gained an impressive reputation for quality and excellence in the production of suspension units. Instead of supplying a shock absorber to fit a whole range of vehicles, Koni shocks are developed and valved for individual applications. To understand the main advantage of the Koni shocks when used on a Range Rover, it is necessary to understand what is happening when you are cornering. When cornering, the shock absorbers on one side are being compressed and is trying to hold the forces of the vehicle. Heavily uprating the shock absorber will partially resist this, but when uprating is excessive it causes normal driving to be very harsh. The shock absorber on the other side, however, is being stretched, and standard shocks offer very little resistance to this. Koni shocks are also valved to resist this stretching movement, helping reduce body roll without using excessively high damping and rebound rates (with the rebound rate being adjustable)

Koni suspension units.

You would never believe it was possible to have handling as good as this, and what you gain on handling, you also gain in economy. Ever noticed how you need to slow so much to manoeuvre the roundabout, or for normal day-to-day cornering? With the stability offered by Konis fitted to your car, you will reduce deceleration and the need to re-accelerate, thus using less fuel, and without the feeling of tipping your passengers out of the other side!

For Koni suspension to suit Range Rover Classics, Freelanders or other Land Rover models or to enquire about our vast range of high quality P38 and Rover V8 spares, please contact us

Condition New
Weight 10kg