Piper Camshaft Kit with Kent full vernier timing wheel for Serpentine front end

£470.83 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Included in this listing is an RPi camshaft kit containing a Piper camshaft, Kent full vernier, OEM tappets and a set of high quality gaskets required to complete the job as well as full lifetime RPi telephone assistance should you need any help with installation. The kit here is suitable for any size Rover V8 which uses a Serpentine front end and requires an extra degree of adjustability. This is our kit of choice in engines which will require a final degree of fine tuning so you can be sure of excellent quality in every part.

Technical Specifications

  • High quality Piper camshaft - the only make of camshaft we'll use in our own engines.
  • Kent full vernier timing chain set with adjustable Vernier cam gear
  • OEM hydraulic tappets - the only type suitable
  • Cam kits for other engines are available - please enquire
  • Allen key and timing wheel included

Which cam best suits my needs?

Piper Torquemax
Like the name suggests, this camshaft aims for torque at the bottom to mid rev range, making it the perfect choice for four wheel drive applications such as Land Rovers and Range Rovers (especially if used for towing), as well as heavier saloons such as the Rover P5, P6 and SD1 which are still on standard heads
Piper 270
Aimed toward a power increase in the mid rev range with a good increase in uasable torque to boot, the Piper 270 is great for light 2wd cars in standard form such as MG B's and Morgans, or heavier saloons and Land Rovers which have been upgraded to stage 1 heads or beyond.
Piper 285
Set up for more power at the top of the rev range, while still keeping a smooth idle and driveability at low revs and low speeds and no noticable loss of torque. Stage 1 or above cylinder heads and ECU chipping are recommended when using the 285 camshaft

RPi Advice

  • Shim kits for setting tapped pre-load are available and essential for all work involving camshaft, valves or rocker assemblies
  • Never re-use your original tappets - doing so will cause accelerated wear of the camshaft
  • Timing chains are normally badly stretched and will always need replacing
  • Push rods are low-cost and should be replaced if at all worn
  • Rockers and rocker shafts should be inspected for signs of wear or breakage

Brand Piper & Kent
Condition New
Weight 15kg