Post 1976 2WD timing cover (SD1 style)

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Used on two wheel drive Rover V8 engines post 1976, this timing cover is suitable for the likes of the Rover SD1, Morgan +8, TVR 350i "wedge", Westfield SEights and a number of kit cars requiring a short front end to the engine. It is also suitable as an upgrade to the earlier Rover P5 and P6 engines, and comes with a number of benefits including use of a neoprene front crank seal and larger oil pump housing. Just beware if you plan on using a mechanical fuel pump you will need to machine out that section of the casting on this timing cover, our advice would be to use an electric pump.

The timing cover here has been checked over here at RPI and verified to be in good usable condition. The timing cover, water pump and oil pump base gaskets and the front crank seal will be included with the timing cover, you will require an oil pump base and oil pump gears as well as your distributor to complete the package.

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