Power Plenum for Weber 500 including K&N cone filter + Power shroud

£212.50 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Included in this listing is a bespoke aluminium power plenum to suit Weber/Edelbrock (and potentially other) four-barrel carburettors, supplied with a K&N filter and unique power shroud suitable for use with snorkels. The plenum here is suitable for all four wheel drive applications as well as some two wheel drive applications. For the applications with low bonnet clearance, which this plenum won't fit, a slim-line plenum is available which gives the same benefits but in a lower package to allow for extra bonnet clearance. Please note that these are hand made and are a bare aluminium finish, and as such the item may receive may vary slightly from the photo, or have minor marks from storage which may require polishing to achieve a perfect finish. Alternatively, we are able to powder coat these plenums in a colour of your choosing for an additional cost.

The plenum here was originally designed for LPG, as reducing to a single, smaller intake allows for fitment of an LPG mixer ring, and the power shroud supplied helps generate the extra vacuum required to mix the LPG in the intake efficiently. However, the plenum seen here is also suitable for use with snorkels and as well as this we've found that there's potential for gains of around 10-15% in torque while losing 0 horsepower (tested on an RPi 4.6 stage 1 Rover V8 engine with a Weber 500 carburettor), just from using this power plenum.

Technical Specifications

  • Inlet size 64mm
  • Diameter at carburettor: 130mm
  • Overall height: 88.9mm/3.5"
  • Overall diameter: 254mm/10"

RPi Advice

  • Suitable for use with raised air intakes but may require modification to be 100% waterproof.
  • Full lambda loop front end LPG conversions also available, please enquire
  • While sold here for a Weber/Edelbrock 500 carburettor, it may fit other four barrel carbs such as Holley or Carter.

Brand RPi Engineering
Condition New
Weight 10kg