Pushrods suitable for all Rover V8 engines

Product information

A set of 16 push rods, suitable for all ages and capacities of Rover V8 engine and the same as used by us in all our engines. Although adjustable pushrods are available, they are an extra complexity which isn't needed in most Rover V8 applications, and are a potential point of failure if not properly fitted and set up. We much prefer to set tappet pre-load through use of a shim kit, which you can find on our shop here

RPi Advice

  • Adjustable pushrods are not required in the majority of Rover V8 builds
  • Tappet pre-load can be set using a shim kit, available through our shop.
  • When doing any work to the valve train, the condition of your camshaft and lifters should also be assessed for their condition and replaced if any part is at all worn. Catching wear early can help prevent catastrophic failure later on.

Weight 1.5kg