Range Rover P38 HEVAC Repair Connector

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Included in this listing is a Zebra connector which can be used to replace the display connecting ribbon on the HEVAC unit in a P38 Range Rover. The pictures show the before and afters of installing the Zebra connector and what difference it makes to the display. Unfortunately it is quite common for the HEVAC module in a Range Rover P38 to develop a problem where by the display does not show all the digits. Although the issue may seem as though it is with the display, the fault is actually caused via the ribbon connector. Over time, with vibration, wear and heat the ribbon connector becomes detached from the circuit board and or the display. However, RPi Engineering have found a fix to this issue using modern components. By replacing the connecting ribbon with a Zebra connector the display will be fixed as well as a more substantial connector being used. The Zebra connector is flexible and has high electrical conductivity because the conductive material is carbon. The carbon is sandwiched between two rubber silicone strips for flexible insulation. The Zebra connector is much cheaper than buying a whole new HEVAC unit but this repair should be carried out by someone who is competent and happy to work at Airfix model scale. We do offer a repair service where by you send us your faulty HEVAC unit and we repair it in a 2 day turnaround. Please contact us for more information.

If your display is dim or your buttons don't light up, then you may also be in need of one of our bulb kits which can be found using this link


  • 1 x Zebra Connector for P38 HEVAC Display
  • Replacement for the Faulty P38 HEVAC Display Ribbon
  • Fix for P38 Missing Digits on Display
  • Zebra connector replaces the ribbon of the HEVAC P38 display only and will only fix any issues which have been caused by the connector. For example, if the digits do not display because of a crack in the screen then replacing the ribbon with a Zebra connector will not fix this issue.

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