Range Rover P38 HEVAC Screen + Bulb Repair Service

Product information

This listing is offering a repair service for the HEVAC display on the Range Rover P38. You send us your HEVAC unit with the faulty display and we will repair it and send it back to you. There is a 2 working day turnaround, starting from receipt of the unit, on the repairs. Unfortunately it is quite common for the HEVAC module in a Range Rover P38 to develop a problem whereby the display does not show all the digits. Although the issue may seem as though it is with the display, the fault is actually caused via the ribbon connector. Over time, with vibration, wear and heat the ribbon connector becomes detached from the circuit board and or the display. However, RPi Engineering have found a fix to this issue using more modern, substantial components. While we have the unit apart, we also replace all the bulbs in the unit (except LEDs), so you'll be able to see the heater controls at night, too. Our aim is to repair your HEVAC display within 2 working days of receipt of the unit. If you are unsure whether we can fix your HEVAC display, then please send us a photo of the display so that we determine if it is fixable via our solution.


  • Repair Service for Range Rover P38 HEVAC Unit Display
  • Send Us your Faulty P38 HEVAC Unit for us to Repair
  • Fast Turn Around Time of 2 Days
  • Much Cheaper than a New HEVAC
  • Send Us a Picture of Your Faulty Unit to Ensure it's Something we Can Fix
  • This is a repair service for the Range Rover P38 HEVAC module. You send us your faulty unit and we aim to fix it within 2 days of receiving it. It is not a new module.
Please note we will only accept units which we believe can be fixed via our replacement connector. Physically broken screens e.g. cracked, will not be accepted.

Weight 1kg