Rover V8 Alternator 60 Amp Suitable for all V-belt engine setups

Product information

Included in this listing is an alternator suitable for any v-belt Rover V8 whether it's Range Rover Classic, MG RV8 or kit car, with a range of mounting options available with our assistance. What's more is that the price you see at the checkout is the price that you'll pay, with no need for an exchange unit or surcharges. It also saves you the cost of posting us your alternator, again saving you money. The alternator seen here is suitable for a wide range of Rover V8 powered vehicles with v-belt front ends such as the Range Rover Classic, Land Rover Discovery 1, Defender 90, 110 and 130, Morgans, MG RV8's and many more. If you're unsure, please feel free to contact us to make sure.

Please note: on some vehicles the alternator requires 'clocking' for the bolt holes to line up with mounts. We are able to do this for you if you select the option from the drop down menu above. Please see the images for reference if you are unsure, the clocked version is labelled. Sometimes the threaded bolt hole also requires drilling out, but this is easily done at home with standard tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Amp/per hour: 60A
  • Maximum power output 1062W
  • Voltage regulator set point: 14.5V
  • If you have an LED charge light on your dashboard, a load resistor will need to be wired in series between the charge light and alternator. Without this, the alternators voltage regulator will not work and no charge will be given.
    For conventional charge light bulbs this load resistor is not required.

Wiring information

  • Connection B+ & Two large spade terminals - Main connection to battery positive
  • Connection W - Rev counter pick up (if your rev counter is triggered by the alternator)
  • Small spade terminal next to two large terminals - charge light on dashboard
  • Small spade terminal next to the B+ post - connects to suppressor (if fitted)
  • Please note that the wiring on this alternator may be different to the current connections on your vehicle, however adaptations can be done simply and assistance from RPi is available if needed

Brand Unbranded
Condition New
Weight 5kg