Rover V8 Camshaft Bearing Set

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Product information

Included in this listing is a set of camshaft bearings to fit any Rover V8 engine. These are a pre-finished bearing which do not require line boring, however specialist tools are required for installation so professional fitting is recommend.

Further information

  • Camshaft bearings for the Rover V8 engine
  • Suitable for any capacity and style of Rover V8 and all appropriate camshafts.
  • We secure the cam bearings into the block using Loctite 648 to prevent spinning. 
  • Number 1 cam bearing (at the front of the engine) is the bearing which is subject to the most load and wear during engine operation, as it's the one closest to the timing chain. In a home build, it is acceptable to replace only that cam bearing, which does not require special tooling as it is easy to reach at the front of the engine.

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