Rover V8 Distributor cap and rotor arm

Rover V8 Distributor Cap & Rotor Arm
For sale in this listing is a distributor cap and RPi approved rotor arm to fit any standard distributor on the Rover V8 engine. This is the set up we supply with the distributors we sell ourselves and is what we would fit to our own engines, combined with our A&R Amplifier. 

We spent months on end trying to source the best rotor arm for the Rover V8, with thousands of miles covered in testing, checking, and re-testing because not even genuine Land Rover parts could be trusted. After all that time, there was only one worthy rotor arm, which is what we have for sale here

If you require a complete new distributor, or give your ignition system the best possible spark output with our A&R amplifier, Magnecor leads and Bosch coil, please see the ignition section of our shop or contact us for more details
Please note the distributor cap may be blue or black depending on availability.

Weight 0.9kg