Rover V8 Engine Head Rebuild Kit Valves Guides Springs Land Rover V8 Kitcar MGB

£162.50 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Included in this listing is a rebuild kit for Rover V8 cylinder heads. This is all the essential parts required to refresh all post-1976 cylinder heads are included in this kit including springs, guides, valves and seals. We are also able to offer advice on the rest of the cylinder head such as valve seats and simple port blending

Technical Specifications

  • Rover V8 cylinder head rebuild kit
  • Full set of 16 valve springs
  • New sets of inlet and exhaust valves
  • Unleaded compatible bulleted valve guides
  • Neoprene valve stem seals

RPi Advice

  • Head bolts should never be re-used unless you have a stud kit fitted
  • While the heads are off, it's always worth inspecting the camshaft, tappets, push rods and rocker shafts for wear, and replace them if necessary
  • Additional simple upgrades are worth undertaking in the form of three angle valve seats and basic port blending, information available by request
  • Complete reconditioned cylinder heads in standard, stage 1 and stage 3 forms are available from our shop.

Brand RPi
Condition New
Weight 2.5kg