Rover V8 water pump for 4WD applications and others


Product information

Included in this listing is a brand new water pump to suit a Rover V8 engine. We are able to supply any of the variants seen in the photos above, however if you can't see one that matches yours or aren't sure of fitment, please send us a photo of your current water pump and we will do our best to match it. The pumps above are mostly for four wheel drive applications, however we are also able to supply water pumps for two wheel drive applications if needed.

It is also possible to tell whether your current water pump is failing. You will notice that all water pumps for the Rover V8 engine will have a small hole on the underside. This is designed to leak intentionally when the seal starts to fail, so that you can notice a problem before the pump fails completely. Therefor to test your pump it is best to check for coolant seepage from this hole, as well as checking for free play.


  • 4A: 1986 to 1993 4WD vehicles including Land Rovers, Range Rovers as well as some late date Morgans and TVR's etc
  • 4B: Land Rover 101s and not much else
  • 4C: Land Rover Defenders up to 1993, could also be found on some Morgans or TVRs
  • 4D: Pre 1976 Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles only

Technical specifications