RPi Rebuilt Long Engine 4.0 Litre Rover V8 (built to order)

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Product information

Included in this listing is a 4.0 litre long Rover V8 engine, built by our engine builder of 25+ years, Holly. The engine here is supplied as a block, crank, rods, pistons, cam and heads, timed and ready for you to "bolt-on" your anciliaries, covers, fuelling and ignition systems and manifolds. Please note that as all our engines are built to order, the lead time for delivery is around two weeks from purchase. 

Technical Specifications

  • Chemically cleaned, hot pressure tested, top hat lined block
  • Petrol and LPG compliant standard heads with bulleted valve guides.
  • Piper torquemax, 270 or 285 camshaft supplied dependent on your requirements.
  • 9.35:1 compression

Why Choose an RPi Engine?

Our blocks
All of the blocks we use go through the same process to ensure they aren't cracked. First, we chemically clean the blocks to ensure that all the oil and waterways are clear. Then, the liners are removed, and the block pressure tested at beyond operating temperature. If a block fails this test, we simply don't use it, and our reliability record speaks for itself with thousands of engines built and still running.
Our components
We use the best quality components in all our engines, using the experience we've gained over the last 30 years of Rover V8 engines. For example, we only use Piper cams, Cloyes, kent or Genuine Land Rover timing chain sets, OEM tappets and much more
Our experience
RPi have been working on Rover V8 engines and the vehicles they power for the last 30 years, and in that time Holly, our only engine builder, has built over 2000 Rover V8 engines of all specifications.

RPi Advice

  • The price shown here is for a 4.0 litre long engine with standard heads, however many more sizes, build levels and upgrade packages are available
  • We always recommend the use of either a Weber 500 Carburettor or, if using EFI, a chipped ECU to ensure correct fuelling
  • Using the best possible ignition system is essential to get an engine running correctly, for this we always use Magnecor plug leads and where apllicable an RPi amplifier with compatible Bosch coil
  • Always use Valvoline VR1 20/50 oil in the Rover V8 engine. It's the only oil we recommend and is available from us on enquiry.
  • Choosing a long engine from us over a short engine means that tappet pre-load is already set, cam timing is already correct and the heads have been bolted down to the correct torque and sequence by our engine builder

Brand RPi
Condition Refurbished
Weight 200kg