Shim Kit for setting tappet pre-load. 15 & 30 thou

Product information

Included in this listing is a stainless steel, laser cut shim kit for setting tappet pre-load on any Rover V8 engine, an essential step in any build to ensure a long life and good running. These shim kits will be found in each and every RPi long or turn-key engine unless Merlin heads are being used (which require adjustable push rods). The required number and size of shim are placed under the rocker pedestals, and full installation instructions are included

Technical Specifications

  • Laser cut stainless steel shims
  • 15 and 30 thou sizes are included (8 of each)
  • "Dibble stick" and installation instructions also included
  • Setting tappet pre-load is essential in any Rover V8 engine build.

RPi Advice

  • Installation instructions can also be found here
  • As this kit is used to set an average pre-load across each bank, it is essential that your valves are all cut into the heads at the same height if any reconditioning work takes place
  • If any additional assistance is required, assistance from RPi by phone or email is available as always to help with your build

Brand RPi engineering
Condition New
Weight 0.1kg