Stage 3 Cylinder Heads for any Rover V8

£1,229.17 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Included in this listing is a pair of stage 3 Rover V8 cylinder heads to fit any Rover V8 engine. These heads have been reconditioned to our very high standards meaning that they've been cleaned, checked and then acid dipped to ensure that oil and waterways are completely clear of any old deposits. Threads are then checked and repaired if necessary, the head faced, port largened and smoothed, oversized valves fitted and 3 angle valve seats cut, after which bulleted valve guides are fitted with neoprene seals. These heads are suitable for Rover V8 engines of all ages, sizes and capacity. While they are supplied in 14 bolt guise, they are compatible with block that have the 10 or 14 bolt patterns. Please contact us if you require further information

Technical Specifications

  • Stage 3 Rover V8 cylinder heads.
  • Oversized valves on three angle valve seats
  • Inlet and exhaust port sizes increased and ports polished
  • Piper valve springs
  • Compatible with all RPi supplied camshafts
  • Fully compatible with LPG and unleaded petrol
  • Please note the price seen here is on an exchange basis and a surcharge may be applicable

RPi Advice

  • Supplied here with the 14 bolt pattern however compatible with 10 or 14 bolt blocks.
  • Stage three supplied here, with standard, stage 1 and stage 4 heads also available
  • New head bolts should always be used, our recommendation however is an ARP stud kit
  • Tappet pre-load will need setting when these heads are fitted. Kits and advice available from RPI
  • With the heads and inlet removed, always inspect your camshaft and tappets for signs of wear to catch any problems before they develop.

Brand Tornado
Condition Refurbished
Weight 25kg