Standard Head Bolts 3.5 3.9 4.0 4.2 4.6

Product information

A set of standard head bolts to suit all sizes of Rover V8 engine. While we always recommend that you use an ARP stud kit, a set of good quality standard bolts is a good option for a budget rebuild, and 100% better than re-using your original bolts.

Technical Specifications

  • Good option for budget rebuilds, but ARP studs are recommended for best results.
  • Never reuse original head bolts, except for the four outer bolts on 14 bolt heads
  • The bolts that we supply are stretch bolts
  • The bolts should be torqued to 25NM, then turned through 90 degrees, then a further 90 degrees. Work from the centre outwards.
  • The torque sequence can also be found on our other website,
  • On 14 bolt heads, the four outer most bolts can be reused, and should only be torqued to 25NM This way the bolt holes are filled, but the heads are not being tilted (which is what happens when all 14 bolts are torqued down, causing compression to leak into the valley).
  • Apply loctite to the outer 4 bolts on 14 bolt heads to stop them vibrating loose.
  • Loctite should be applied to the outer four bolts on 14 bolt heads ONLY. Do NOT use loctite on any other head bolts. 
  • We always use high quality composite head gaskets for the best seal between the head and the block.

Weight 0.985kg